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Our approach to web design is very flexible. You may already have strong views about how you want your website to look and function but, if not, let us give you ideas and provide prototype website designs. We can also help with photography and imagery and integration of multi-media, social media and e-commerce.

We employ a very simple workflow process:

Each step of the process is explained in more depth below:

Confirm your requirements

We believe it's vital that we fully understand why you want a website. Now, you may have already thought this one through, in which case it's going to be a quick conversation! But, if not, we will go a through a few basic points as a means to get an outline set of requirements that will help us assess your goals and business needs, e.g.

After we have agreed your requirements we will provide you with a formal quotation for you to review, if you accept we can move on to thinking about...

Site Structure & Initial Designs

At this point we will begin to develop

Today the internet serves so many different devices, operating systems and browsers that providing an optimal viewing experience  across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors, laptops, tablets to mobile phones) can be difficult. If you believe that your website may be accessed by many different types of devices then we can offer 'responsive web designs' to provide a consistent look and feel to the most dominant desktop and mobile hardware and software configurations.

Confused by responsive design? As a picture speaks a thousand words - to better understand what we mean by responsive design use the following link to see this web site (which is responsive) as it would appear on a sample of devices. Responsive design check

Once we have a good idea of the initial 'look & feel' of your web site design we can really start to move on to the...

Interactive Design

We believe in getting your web design up and running on the internet in a secure test environment as quickly as possible. We do this to:


As part of the web design commission we will upload all elements of the approved design to your own hosting environment, ensure that's it's working and formally end the project.

In addition to our web design services we can also help with logo and business card design, organise promotional material to complement your website, assist with email marketing campaigns, branding, rebranding, newsletters, press releases, copywriting and general advertising to market your business.

So, what are you waiting for?

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2Quirky Web Design
A bespoke web design service based in Lambourn and near to Swindon, Hungerford, Newbury, Oxford and Marlborough.

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